ESA03 LED Panel Luminaire

ESA03 LED Panel Luminaire



  • Adopt high-quality and top-grade aluminium profile frame whose surface has been processed with oxidation, and it cannot change color and can bear oxidation corrosion in long-term use
  • Use high-quality imported light guide plate and adopt side-glowing structure, which can make light uniform and soft and prevent glare effectively
  • Lamps can be installed conveniently and own high safety
  • Boast a built-in module which can conduct independent address coding and 24-hour real-time running status and fault information inspection


  • Lamp power:20W
  • Emergency time:> 90min
  • Type:SA/SE
  • Reflector:Tempered glass
  • Housing:Extruded aluminium
  • Protection:IP30
  • Mounting:Recessed or Suspended


Product nameLED Power
Luminous fl ux
Input voltage
VersionEmergency timeDimension


40 3000 AC220 SA / SE > 90min 1195 x 295 x 11