ESC01 LED Downlight

ESC01 LED Downlight



  • Adopt imported medium-power chip; lamp efficiency can reach as high as100 lm/W; it can replace traditional energy-saving lamps one to one, and can save 70% of the energy
  • Lamp body adopts high-quality aluminium product for spinning forming and can dissipate heat effectively; whole life of the lamp can reach as long as 35000 hours, and it can be used for more than 10 years without worry
  • Adopt imported macromolecule composite materials of reflection and optical-grade PC diffusion shell, realizing 95% of light transmittance and uniform without dark space
  • Divided design of photoelectricity component and independent safety regulation power supply externally, which can realize high efficiency of electric appliance and guarantee longer life of lamps
  • Boast a built-in module which can conduct independent address coding and 24-hour real-time running status and fault information ins


  • Lamp power:20W
  • Emergency time:> 90min
  • Type:SA/SE
  • Reflector:High polymer compound material
  • Diffuser:High light transmittance PC
  • Housing:Superior aluminium
  • Protection:IP30
  • Mounting:Recessed


Product nameLED Power
Luminous fl ux
Input voltage
VersionEmergency timeDimension
Ø x H(mm)


20 2200 AC220 SA / SE > 90min 237 x 133