Fire Emergency Lighting Control Station

Fire Emergency Lighting Control Station



  • The system with high stability & reliability because of the unique design base on industrialized computer with duo CPU
  • The PCB treated with “Three proofing” process against moisture, fungus & salty conditions
  • The system equipped with maintenance free sealed lead acid batteries with minimum backup time of 180 minutes
  • The system is capable to carry out real-time monitoring of the emergency power source and all emergency luminaires
  • The system is able to have a Smart connection, interface with fire alarm system and receive fire signal to generate the best evacuation route automa
  • In case of fire, the system can immediately acquired the blaze points and generate the flashing signal to the emergency lightings to ON/Off, re-direction for the best evacuation route, leading people to escape a safe place accurately and quickly
  • There are multi-functions ability to deal with various blaze points inter-actively for a best evacuation
  • The system will perform a 24 hours self-diagnosis automatically to detect system errors including external emergency lighting circuitry. Once an error occurs, the type of error will be displayed at the screen of the computer, a prompt repair can be taken by service technician, thus a cost effective maintenance will be benefited
  • In emergency situation, operators can be divided into different task according to their authorities in directing people for escape
  • The system can assign a unique ID address to every individual emergency luminaires
  • The software can program any schedule of the automatic self-diagnosis test and the test results can be printed automatically
  • A historical log function can save more than a hundred thousand events include various kinds of data

Product model


Dimension (LxBxH)

600mm×600mm×1800mm 600mm×200mm×500mm

Main power consumption

60W 50W

Input voltage

AC220V/50Hz AC220V/50Hz

IP protection

IP30 IP30

Charging time

≤24 h ≤24 h

Emergency time

≥180 min ≥180 min

Bus technology

CAN profibus CAN profibus

Operating ambient temperature

- 10℃ — 55℃ - 10℃ — 55℃


Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

Battery parameters

12V 38Ah 12V 26Ah

Storage records

≥100,000  ≥100,000 

Communication interfaces

6 RS232 interfaces/ one 100M Ethernet interface / 8 CAN bus interfaces