Product Features:

  • Specially designed for architectural and decorative purposes
  • Different luminous effects can be achieved by using a series of accessories and special filters such as lenses, rifled glasses and coloured filters

Product Specifications:

  • Body:  Die-cast aluminium
  • Reflector:  Anodized aluminium
  • Screen:  Tempered glass
  • Protection:  IP65
  • Electrical:  Electronic ballast
  • Mounting:  Stirrup

The main application:

Piazza, station, pier, construction site, building facade, etc.


Product codePowerLampSocketBallastDimension L×B×H(mm)
BS812 070.H1M.A 70W MH G12 MB 291x272x293
BS812 070.R1M.A 70W MH RX7S MB 291x272x293