Product Features:

  • Body in die-cast aluminium with polyester powder coating, suitable for outdoor applications
  • Streamline gear tray increases heat convection by 40%
  • Equipped with a die-cast aluminium heat shield between lamp and ballast in order to extend the operating life of the fixture
  • Thermal resistant silicone gasket to guarantee good sealing capability even under high temperature

Product Specifications:

  • Body:  Die-cast aluminium
  • Reflector:  Aluminium in knurling finish, choice of symmetric and asymmetric light distribution
  • Screen:  Tempered glass
  • Protection:  IP65
  • Electrical:  Magnetic ballast
  • Mounting:  Stirrup

The main application:

Piazza, station, pier, construction site, building facade, etc.


Product codePowerLampSocketBallastDimension L×B×H(mm)
F807 070.QR1M.A 70W HQI RX7s EB/MB 265×125×400
F807 150.QR1M.A 150W HQI RX7s EB/MB 265×125×400
F807 250.QF1M.A 250W HQI E40 EB/MB 375×150×510
F807 400.QF1M.A 400W HQI E40 EB/MB 375×150×510